ADR Stages

Smart Post West ADR Stages

Description & Specifications

Stage Size - 15L x 17W - 255 sq feet

Multiple Screen Sizes | 2.35 aspect ratio
Our ADR Stages are world class stages which comfortably accommodate principal or group sessions. Both ADR stage control rooms have been designed to optimize the client and artist experience both with seating for up to 10. Both ADR stages also feature a sophisticated, multi path, cueing and monitoring system allowing for simultaneous remote connections.

  • Over 256 Audio Voices
  • Stereo Audio Matrix Monitoring
  • Avid ICON D-Command Control Surface
  • Multiple Microphone Collection
  • ISDN and Source Connect - ID SMARTPOSTWEST
  • Zoom, Facetime, and Skype Connectivity - ID SMARTPOSTWEST
  • Ample Client Seating Areas and Lounge
  • Sound Supervisor Work Areas

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