Creativity and technical detail are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to clients that entrust us with their stories.

  • History

    Founded nearly four decades ago, Smart Post has literally been providing complete sound packages around the world for years. For many of these the company was based in Hollywood and Burbank, with satellite facilities in both New York City and London. In 2015, Smart Post West opened in Santa Monica, California. With three luxurious mixing theaters and a beautiful ADR stage, there is no other facility quite like it on the West Side.

    With more Emmys, Golden Reels, and other recognition for quality, Smart Post Sound and Smart Post West set a standard for quality across the entire Los Angeles film and television communities.

  • Approach

    Long before the current crop of high quality television became the preferred destination for feature film sound artists, Smart Post Sound was developing unique workflows that brought big screen quality to the smaller screen. Starting with “Lonesome Dove” in the late 1980s, Smart Post became the sound design solution for creators craving exciting sound tracks regardless of the medium for which they were creating.

  • Method

    A company dedicated to solving the creative problems of its clients must have the talent and facilities to do so. There are dozens of sound companies throughout the industry that hire a sound supervisor and a couple of mixers, build a stage and reach out for business. Smart Post has dedicated its resources to providing an effective solution every time.

    We have built and acquired fifteen mix stages, three ADR stages, and assembled a creative team of nearly a hundred trained professionals. The resulting organization is perhaps the one place in the industry where creators know they can count on the best every single time.

  • Culture

    “Partnership before Salesmanship” has been the underlying philosophy of Smart Post since its inception. We pride ourselves on the high degree of accountability we offer our clients. Your delight is our highest priority.

    In today’s industry, that accountability starts with the budget and extends to every element of the final viewing and listening experience.

Delighted Clients Include