Providing Creative Sound Packages

  • Sound Editorial

    Sound provides atmosphere, elicits emotion, and sets the tone with storytelling. The artists at Smart Post partner with filmmakers to create a technically superior soundtrack and tell stories that are both sonically gratifying and creatively appealing. Support for your story through the art of sound design.

  • Re-recording

    Smart Post West has three mixing stages - including Dolby Atmos, additional sound design suites, ADR/VO recording, Foley, and Picture Editorial all housed on-site and in one location. Additionally, we have seven mix stages, and additional ADR/VO studios located in Burbank which can be utilized either remotely, or on-site.

  • ADR & Voiceover

    Smart Post West regularly accommodates talent and group in comfortable ADR studios to record essential dialogue, group, character vocals, or voiceover. Experience remote networking tools that allow the director, talent, producers, and supervisors to collaborate from separate locations while working together seamlessly.

  • Foley

    Props and sound effects that need to be recorded live are created by our team of award-winning Foley artists, who believe the art of sound design starts here. At Smart Post we create anything you envision and fulfill any delivery requirements needed for international distribution.

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Our Team

Clients love the way our award winning teams partner with them on several of the most important decisions they'll make with their project.

The Facility

Located steps away from the new Downtown Santa Monica Metro station, Smart Post West is located in the heart of Silicon Beach.

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